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Fluid Dynamics Solutions

Non Chemical Water Treatment

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Fluid Dynamics Solution


No Electrical

No Magnetic / Electromagnetic

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Scale Caused by Hard Water

What is it ?

Scaling caused by hard water is one of the largest known wasters of energy in any hard water area. Scale is caused by a dissolved mineral calcium carbonate coming out of solution are dissolved state from water and forming a thick hard crust known as SCALE or LIME SCALE.

Fluid Dynamics Solution

Where does it from ?

Scale is commonly found in hard water areas which is present in a large percentage of the world. Each country will have areas of soft and hard water. Scale will form when water is heated by sun or in a heat exchanger or hot water heater or pressure change such as nozzles heads.

Fluid Dynamics Solution

How does it affect a system

The accumulation of scale will cause a number of problems the most significant is the additional cost its add to the running of a piece of equipment in the home or a factory. just small amounts of scale are enough to cause a rise in power consumption. Accumulation over time can add anything between 10-/50% to a yearly energy bill. Scale will also contribute to equipment break down and failure including reducing its longevity

Treating scale using traditional methods can be costly, time consuming and can have adverse affects on local environment. This includes chemicals and salt generated water softeners which are becoming .increasingly unpopular in our more environment conscious age. Removing existing scale also costs and often requies plant shutdown to carry this out, there is also a health and saftety conner with chemicals, acids & sharp utensils used to remove build up.

How does the product works

Products Works

Quick Simplified Explanation

Our core technology works like a catalyst, generating a very small electrical current as water passes over it.

This electrical current has the effect of neutralizing particles of calcium and carbon by placing them in suspension.

These suspended particles just stay in the water and instead of sticking to pipelines and hot water cylinders, they just pass harmlessly through the system and down the drain.


Domestic / Commercial Solution

Domestic / Commercial Solutions


Prevents limescale deposits and extends life of Shower heads, Sanitarywares, Washing machines, Water heaters, Dishwashers & other water using appliances.

Prevents Skin problems and Hair fall caused due to hard water usage. Get clean body wash and fresh laundry.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Steam Boilers
Cooling Towers
Heat Exchanger
Chillers & Condensers
Foggers & all types of machineries

Prevents scale deposit and corrosion in Pipes,Pumps Nozzles and other equipments.

Increases life span of machineries. Assists large energy saving and reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

 Agricultural Solutions

Agricultural Solutions

Drip Irrigation Cold Storages Air Compressor Pumps
Increases crop yield by 30-35%.
Assists better germination of seed.
Prevents growth of Algae & Fungi.
Prevents blockages in drip pipes & Pumps.