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water level controller dealers in coimbatore

Water level controller in coimbatore

Water Level Controllers from us ensure safety, reliable, precise working with good value for money. We offer both automatic and manually operated Water Level Controllers in Coimbatore depending on your needs. As we are the Water Level Controller dealers in Coimbatore, Water Level Controller from us has advantages like Easy installation, Low maintenance, Compact and elegant design, fully automatic, Saves water, motor and energy, Increases pump life and Avoids seepage of water from roofs.

Automatic water level controller from us will automatically start the pump as soon as the water level falls below the predetermined level (usually half tank) and shall switch off the pump as soon as tank is full or water level in the lower tank is at below the threshold level. We suggest Automatic Water Level Controllers & Level Indicator for metro cities or areas where drinking water is supplied through pipelines which are distributed in homes, hotels and etc.

Along with various water level controllers we offer Niagara Water Level Controllers In Coimbatore for the effective and efficient usage of water supply around the city.

Controlling the pumps is frequently a need to stay away from wastage of water. At the point when the water level in the tank surpasses the optimum level, the pump automatically kills and stops the pumping procedure subsequently keeping the over stream of water. It utilizes a relay circuit to cut off the power supply to the water pump.

The usage of automatic Water Level Controllers effectively prevents the excess water wastage due to overflow and minimizes the electrical power usage subsequently. These types of automatic Water Level Controllers works automatically, saves power and saves money and enables easy monitoring facilities to us.

Why Water Level Controller

The automatic water level controller circuit is a simple mechanism to detect and refill the water level present in the overhead tank and also in the other containers. Nowadays, all the householders are storing the water in overhead tanks with the pumps. When the water is stored in the tank, no one can identify the level of water and also, no one can know when the water tank will fill or when it will be drained completely. Hence there is an overflow of water from the tank, thus there is wastage of energy and water. To minimize these wastages automatic water level controller can be implied. This is where; water level controller gives an advantage by controlling the water wastage automatically.


 Switches ON the Pumpset when Water level drops below pre-set level (T2 level) in Overhead Tank

 Switches OFF the Pumpset when Water level in Overhead Tank becomes full (T1 level)

 Switches OFF the Pumpset when Water level is low in Sump/Well/Borewell (S2 level)

 Switches ON the Pumpset when there is sufficient water in the Sump/ Well (S1 level)

 Switches OFF the Pumpset when there is a Dry run (when Water is not being pumped into Overhead Tank due to any reason)

 Low Voltage & High Voltage Protection for the Pumpset is incorporated

 The system has Voltage & Current Protection for the Pumpset

 All these functions are automatically performed. Manual interference is not required

 Manual operation is also possible by operating the switch in Manual Position

water level controller in coimbatore