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water softener dealers in coimbatore

Water Softener in Coimbatore

Water Softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water substances. Water softeners from selka marketing are based on ion exchange process. We have established ourselves as a renowned Water Softener manufacturer in Coimbatore, with technologically advanced water treatment plants in Coimbatore. We provide Water Softener in Coimbatore, which are designed to remove calcium and magnesium products from water. The Water Softeners prevents scaling of your exciting pipes, taps, water heater, washing machine, tiles, marbles and human skin & hair etc. They are intended to treat the house hold supply, so they are installed close to the point where the water supply enters the premises.

Selka marketing is the Water Softener dealers in Coimbatore, who provide the best in class Water Softeners, which are easy, effective & efficient in manner. As one of the leading drinking Water Softener plant manufacturers in Coimbatore, we make our products available to our customers' at the most affordable and effective price range. Our water softener products are used in various industries like Chemical, Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Filtration, Textile, Dairy and etc.

We are known for our key products such as hard water softeners in Coimbatore along with water softeners for home in Coimbatore. We are the best water softener dealers in Coimbatore, who constantly monitor the customer queries and provide necessary solutions in order make the safer environment through our water softeners in Coimbatore.

Wherever water hardness is a concern for you use our water softeners which commonly reduces the hard water's adverse effects. We provide all kinds of Water Softeners for industrial and domestic purpose usages with are build with high quality materials ensuring the long lasting, effective performance.

General problems with hard water

Hard scales

Hard scale deposits on home appliances, plumbing systems, tiles, sinks and etc.

High heater bills

If you notice higher electricity bills while heating water then it could be hard water.

Difficulty in cleaning

If you find your shower, floor bathtub and sink is very difficult to clean, then the culprit is hard water.

Bathing Issues

Have you noticed that your hair is stiff and hard instead of soft and silky after a bath? Hard water damages hair and skin.

Clothes not as clean

If you have stained or dull clothes after wash then it is because of hard water.
Avoid these problems with the best water softeners in Coimbatore from Selka Marketing, where we provide maintenance free Water Softeners.

water softener dealers in coimbatore
Water Softeners from SELKA MARKETING

Water softeners from us, we ensure

No Maintenance
No Chemicals
No Water Wastage
No Salt
No Electricity

Water Softening Technique

A water softener normally consists of two tanks, a larger one in which rock or pellet salt is added and a smaller tank containing the ion exchange resin through which the hard water passes through. A control valve is fixed at top of the resin tank of the industrial water softener, which causes the system to recharge or regenerate based on passage of the water with a pre-set time or by a pre-set number of gallons treated during softening of the water.

When regeneration is initiated, the first step is to backwash the resin bed with raw water to soften the resin and remove the dirt and sediment from the water. Then brine is slowly deducted from the salt tank at a preset flow rate for a specific time (set as a function of the resin volume and the influent water hardness), followed by a refilling of raw water to slowly displace the brine solution in the tank. This is followed by a faster flow of raw water to completely flush any remaining salt from the resin bed. During this entire process, the control valve initiates either it prevents raw water from flowing to service or allows raw water to by-pass the softener during regeneration. Often two parallel industrial water softeners are operated together, in order to avoid any interruption to soft water during the regeneration process.

water softener dealers in coimbatore